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In 2014, MPIRICA’s founder and CEO Shakil Haroon had a sick family member who needed advanced surgery. He wanted to find the best possible hospital for the procedure. But that proved much more challenging than he thought. After several frustrating weeks of research, Shakil realized – this shouldn’t be so hard.

That’s how he found his vision for the MPIRICA Quality Score. Shakil wanted to give patients an easy, reliable way to select high-quality surgical care. So he assembled a talented founding team to empower patient choice, using the best research and technology available.

Backed by almost 30 years of rigorous quality analytics, the MPIRICA Quality Score provides patients, employers, and health networks with an intuitive way to compare providers . For the first time, stakeholders have an outcomes-based, apples-to-apples measurement of how both surgeons and hospitals have performed on individual procedures.

With the Quality Score, patients can select surgeons with peace of mind, and companies can mitigate the risks and costs associated with high-dollar procedures. Outcomes-based measurement is the most crucial step in identifying high-value, high performing providers.

Since its launch, MPIRICA has continued to enhance its digital healthcare innovations with artificial intelligence that improves the predictive capabilities of its technology. These analytics offer self-insured employers some of the industry’s most reliable assessments of a provider’s capabilities, empowering them to employ strategic employee benefits solutions that propel them as payers in the shift toward value-based healthcare.

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