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In 2014, MPIRICA’s founder and CEO Shakil Haroon had a sick family member who needed advanced surgery. He wanted to find the best possible hospital for the procedure. But that proved much more challenging than he thought. After several frustrating weeks of research, Shakil realized – this shouldn’t be so hard.

That’s how he found his vision for the MPIRICA Quality Score. Shakil wanted to give patients an easy, reliable way to select high-quality surgical care. So he assembled a talented founding team to empower patient choice, using the best research and technology available.

Backed by almost 30 years of rigorous quality analytics, the MPIRICA Quality Score provides patients, employers, and health networks with an intuitive way to compare providers . For the first time, stakeholders have an outcomes-based, apples-to-apples measurement of how both surgeons and hospitals have performed on individual procedures.

With the Quality Score, patients can select surgeons with peace of mind, and companies can mitigate the risks and costs associated with high-dollar procedures. Outcomes-based measurement is the most crucial step in identifying high-value, high performing providers.

Since its launch, MPIRICA has continued to enhance its digital healthcare innovations with artificial intelligence that improves the predictive capabilities of its technology. These analytics offer self-insured employers some of the industry’s most reliable assessments of a provider’s capabilities, empowering them to employ strategic employee benefits solutions that propel them as payers in the shift toward value-based healthcare.

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Shakil Haroon

Founder / CEO

Shakil Haroon is founder and CEO at MPIRICA. Before a sick family member’s ordeal ignited his passion for clarity in healthcare, Shakil was steeped in software. An engineer by training, he has led sales teams at industry stalwarts Intel and Microsoft, and has more than 15 years executive experience with VC-backed startups. With MPIRICA, Shakil has embraced a mission to bring valid, reliable way for patients and payers to pursue high-quality care.

Chris Diede

Co-Founder / Vice President Marketing & Business Development

Chris Diede is Co-Founder of MPIRICA and is a digital strategy and dot com veteran. His deep entrepreneurial experience in marketing, product, and business development spans across a wide spectrum of verticals — from healthcare, consumer and business products, nonprofits, and more, which collectively taught him the power of clarity, simplicity, and analytics. This all led to his current passion of advancing MPIRICA’s mission to reduce healthcare risks and costs for patients as well as payers.

Kevin Nickel

Director, Cloud Platform & Technology

Kevin Nickel is a seasoned software engineer, and an international public speaker on various topics in tech. Under his product management expertise, he has masterfully led the development of MPIRICA's machine learning and artificial intelligence practice. Before joining MPIRICA, Kevin was a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, where he oversaw multiple programs servicing hundreds of thousands of users per month. Kevin’s skills and experience keep MPIRICA’s technical operations humming.

Raelin Jaqueth

Data Analytics & Marketing Coordinator

Raelin Jaqueth, understands how data can reveal a story — and she knows that MPIRICA has an important story to tell with effective business intelligence. She joined MPIRICA while finishing up her graduate degree in Business Analytics. Trained to sift through the noise and find the signal, Raelin’s work clarifies how MPIRICA serves its customers.

Lisa Zhao, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Lisa Zhao, a physician and an epidemiologist, trained at Shanghai Medical University in China where she practiced for 6 years, before moving to Los Angeles to earn her Masters in Applied Biometry and Epidemiology from USC. Since then, Dr. Zhao has served in various leadership and advisory roles for healthcare analytics firms. Her clinical experience, deep background in data science and informatics, and research of medical claims data inform MPIRICA’s approach to bringing robust and actionable metrics to healthcare stakeholders.

April Bjornstad


April Bjornstad directs MPIRICA’s finances. Trained at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, April’s fiscal responsibilities have included revenue forecasting and financial planning, as well as overseeing several multibillion-dollar acquisitions. In addition to her position at MPRICA, April serves in a leadership role in Microsoft’s Business Development division, specializing in Intellectual Property. Her work ensures the health of MPIRICA’s books, and helps to define the scope of the company’s ambitions.

MPIRICA Advisors

Dave Adams

Caprock Health Group

Niall Brennan

President and CEO,
Health Care Cost Institute

Greg Pine

MPA Healthcare Solutions

Nate Randall

Founder and President,
Ursa Major Consulting

Eduardo Shoval

General Partner,
Cognitiv Ventures

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