Customer Profile: Point Inside

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point-insideSince our first wave of customers began signing on just a few months ago, we have had almost no time for a break. Recently, we stepped back and took stock, and found ourselves thinking: “wow, our customers are cool.” Many of them are leaders in their space, or pioneers that created their space, and we thought it would be interesting for our readers to get a profile of these companies, and see the wide range of reasons why organizations choose to become MPIRICA customers.

For the first of our customer profiles blogs, it seemed only fitting that we showcasing Point Inside, our first customer. Working with them was a big milestone for MPIRICA, because it represented our first revenue and validated our concept of bringing quality transparency to employers.

Frontier of Indoor Mapping

Founded in 2009, Point Inside is a startup based in Bellevue, Washington. It is one of the innovators in the “indoor mapping” space.

“I know it’s cliche, but it literally started with a drawing on a napkin.  I was describing the layout of the LAX airport, where you can follow a ‘ring’ around the outside to reach other terminals, or cut across the middle.  I had missed a flight as I ran around the ring when I could have cut across. If I only had a map on my phone…” says Josh Marti, CEO of Point Inside.

Jon Croy, the COO, laughs. “I added that while my wife is happy to just wander around a mall, I have a Navy Seal approach to shopping. I want to identify the location of the item I want, proceed directly to that spot, make the purchase, and get out.  Of course, you need a map for these tactical exercises.”

The seeds of that conversation grew into a company that provides iOS and Android apps featuring maps of malls, airports, and sports stadiums. Today, Point Inside boasts ‘big box’ customers such as Target, Lowe’s and Meijer, and provide their customers with apps that shows not only the store maps but precise product location.

Healthcare Decision Support

“Although we have a solid lead in the industry, you can imagine that indoor mapping is a very competitive space. As retailers vie for more consumer traffic to their stores, we need to constantly refine and improve, and engineers need to stay focused,” says Jon.

For Point Inside, the search for quality healthcare (when it’s needed) is one thing that has proven to be a time consuming and stressful process. Existing solutions included asking friends, family, or co-workers for recommendations, searching the web, or looking for ‘top docs’ types of magazine articles. For a company leveraging data for decision support, the traditional way of finding healthcare was simply not good enough for Point Inside.

“We signed up for the MPIRICA Premium Plus service, because just like shoppers can use the Point Inside to optimize the shopping experience, now our employees can use MPIRICA to optimize the process of identifying a great surgeon if they, or their loved ones, need surgery.  It really helps their peace of mind during what is a stressful situation,” says Josh.

Jon adds, “We also chose MPIRICA because we are operating in the most competitive hiring environment for engineers in the US.  Every added benefit we can provide helps us with these critical hires.  Plus, signing up was almost effortless; we use Google Apps for our business productivity tools and we were able to simply leverage that, so all employees can get on to MPIRICA using their corporate credentials.”

Birds of A Feather

Just as MPIRICA is lighting the way with objective healthcare data for healthcare consumers, Point Inside is showing the way with indoor maps and product location for retail consumers. Clearly, we are both companies that value innovation, enable “big data” decision support, and strive to change how users see their world.

There’s an old adage “birds of a feather flock together,” I guess that’s definitely true in our case. If you think you are a bird that wants to flock with us, and activate MPIRICA for your employees, please reach out to me for a demo. I can be reached at