The Challenge of Outpatient Outcome Scoring

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Outpatient Surgery Quality MpiricaThe MPIRICA Quality Score is the most comprehensive and robust score available in the industry. Initially developed and backed by a team of physicians (each with decades of healthcare analytics experience), the score is based purely on objective outcomes, not subjective reviews. The score is calculated using the most recent 3 years of data for hospitals (4 for physicians) and considers hundreds of relevant risk adjustment factors.

Inpatient scores rely on inpatient metrics
For inpatient procedures, the score is composed of metrics based on four significant adverse outcomes of surgery: inpatient death, death after discharge, readmissions, and major complications (as objectively identified by the prolonged risk-adjusted length of stay metric). While there is no industry consensus on the exact metrics that should be measured, no one would challenge the fact that each of these metrics is important. In fact, if you examine all the current available reporting of inpatient outcomes, everyone uses a set of metrics that attempt to capture adverse outcomes.

New outpatient scoring measures needed
A key component of our inpatient quality measurement is the prolonged risk-adjusted length of stay measurement, which provides an objective metric of major inpatient complications of care. However, when it came time to score outpatient care, things got a little complicated. Since outpatient procedures have stays of less than twenty-four hours, prolonged risk-adjusted length of stay could not be used, and we needed to identify another objective measure of major complications of care for outpatient procedures.

After extensive research and development, our outpatient scores will use a metric that is comparable to the inpatient “prolonged risk-adjusted length of stay.” The metric is based on visits to the Emergency Department and non-direct admissions to a hospital within a predetermined, post-procedure window. This design allows inpatient and outpatient performance to be aligned and combined into a single MPIRICA Quality Score.

The result is an industry leading quality score that gives patients the first all-inclusive score for outpatient procedures that can be used to make healthcare decisions.