Do You Know How Good Your Doctor (Surgeon) Is? [Infographic]

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Today, when healthcare consumers who need surgery start their research of potential hospitals or surgeons, they are bombarded with confusing amounts of ratings, “best of” lists, and hoards of big data. When it comes to patient reviews, can you trust an anonymous Yelper to guide you to a quality surgeon? And when you come across websites with a ton of data like complication rates, volumes, mortality, or readmissions, how do you make appropriate conclusions about the risks you potentially face when you choose your healthcare provider?

Infographic: Do you know how good your doctor is?

At MPIRICA, our mission is to help keep patients safe by doing the hard work of analyzing a massive amount of REAL outcome data and summarizing it into a single surgery quality score. The MPIRICA Quality Score is easy-to-use, scientifically robust (backed by decades of medical quality analytics experience), and endorsed by surgeon groups. In the continued interest of keeping it simple, we put together an infographic: Do you know how good your doctor is? Our hope is that it will help many understand the shortcomings of subjective reviews when it comes to surgery, and the importance of instead turning to scores which represent real outcome data.

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