Former Tesla Head of Benefits Joins MPIRICA Advisory Board

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Nate-RandallMPIRICA is proud to announce and welcome our newest advisor, Nate Randall, Founder and President of Ursa Major Consulting.

Nate brings a wealth of experience to MPIRICA as a seasoned expert in the employee benefits space. He began his career as a consultant, working for industry leaders such as Milliman and Hewitt. After joining Safeway as a Benefits Manager in 2009, he was a key partner and drove innovation in price transparency, reference based pricing and was involved in the drafting of several aspects of the Affordable Care Act. In 2011 Nate joined Tesla to head the Global Benefits and Employee Experience team, where he created and scaled a comprehensive, award-winning benefits solution as the company grew from 900 to 13,000 employees.

“Nate’s experience and innovative thinking with price transparency programs and tools have helped transform how self-insured employers engage employees toward better value healthcare choices,” said Shakil Haroon, Founder and CEO of MPIRICA. “His insights on adding quality transparency as a means to improve employee engagement will prove equally if not more transformational.”

Nate has been supporting our digital health startup informally since meeting the founding team in 2015. “The MPIRICA Quality Score is the missing piece in the American healthcare system puzzle,” he said. “Finally, we have a surgery outcome quality metric that is destined to become the industry standard. I knew from the start that the score, as well as their software platform and API could be a game changer to help payers reduce both risk and cost.”

Welcome, Nate!