Funding news: MPIRICA raises $4.6 million

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MPIRICA raises $4.6 million for surgery quality transparency - mobihealthnews.comWe have some very big news to share! MPIRICA is thrilled to announce that we have closed $4.6M in Series A funding, co-led by OurCrowd along with a Seattle-based private equity fund.

Our founder and CEO, Shakil Haroon had this to say:

“Armed with this funding, we are thrilled to be able to mainstream the only outcomes-based, trusted quality score for the benefit of payers, healthcare consumers, as well as providers, and to scale our operations and technology.”

Since our start in 2014, healthcare has been continuing to change, with patients taking more control in their decision-making process. But as anyone listening to the news knows, the healthcare industry can also be a slow-moving ship.

Even though QUALITY is at the forefront of most people’s decision-making process, there are still very few reliable, actionable, and easy-to-understand tools in healthcare. MPIRICA’s audacious goal is to turn the ship in the right direction, becoming the industry-standard “FICO score for surgery” that is trusted by both patients and payers.

This round of funding will be a tremendous help in achieving that goal. It is hard to believe that QUALITY transparency in healthcare could be such a difficult concept for individuals to grasp. But even some healthcare industry reporters have been trained to think about price whenever the word “transparency” in healthcare is used. One who got it right was

Fortunately, our customers and partners “get it.”

As MPIRICA’s Chairman of the Board and General Partner at OurCrowd First, Eduardo Shoval said, “MPIRICA’s current commercial agreements with several leading healthcare management companies position the company for rapid growth and significant impact in shaping the standards of healthcare quality transparency.”

It’s an exciting time here at MPIRICA. You can find coverage of the company and our funding on our News page. And if you’re so inclined, please follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn and help us spread the word by sharing with your colleagues, friends, and family!