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Live Webinar May 25: “A Scientific Methodology for Scoring the Outcomes of Surgery Providers”

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haroon-fry-mpiricaYou’re invited to attend a live webinar on:
Thursday, May 25th – 11am Pacific Standard Time

“A Scientific Methodology for Scoring the Outcomes of Surgery Providers”


If you’re in network development (from a health plan), quality improvement (from a health system), benefits consulting (for self-insured employers), referral management (primary care), a patient, or anywhere in between, this webinar will be extremely valuable for you.

How can one metric be robust enough to summarize the outcomes of a hospitals or surgeon for a specific procedure?

The webinar will feature a review of the methodology and model used to derive the MPIRICA Quality Score, developed by a team of medical doctors and statisticians. Presenters will be MPIRICA’s Founder and CEO Shakil Haroon, and Dr. Donald Fry, Executive Vice President of Clinical Outcomes at MPA Healthcare Solutions.

The Score contains one of the most robust risk adjustment methodologies available to ensure providers are not penalized for taking on more challenging patients. The base methodology of the MPIRICA Quality Score has been peer reviewed and published in journals over the course of over two decades and has been used to help hospital systems and insurance companies analyze the quality of their outcomes. Now that sufficient claims data is available to the public from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, that same methodology can be applied to produce the MPIRICA Quality Score.

-> Register now to learn more about the methodology on May 25.