Your Employee Surgery Roadmap [Infographic]

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When your employees need surgery, the way to safe, effective care is fraught with obstacles. Surgeons push for care that patients don’t need; it’s extremely difficult to find high-quality providers; and hospital systems charge rates far out of proportion with their value.We know that care decisions can be trying, and we’re here to help. Let the roadmap below be your guide to avoiding these surgical quality pitfalls. It’s the best way to secure the right care for your employees, from the right provider, at the right value.

MPIRICA’s mission is to help employers provide high-quality surgical care, while controlling risks and costs. Our suite of solutions motivates smart decisions at every step of a surgical intervention. It starts with teaching employees to be skeptical of inappropriate surgeries, so that they become their own best advocates in the exam room. But when it comes time to select a provider, the MPIRICA Quality Score gives you and employees an intuitive, reliable way to judge a surgeon’s track record. And our program will help you establish optimal value-based rates with providers, giving your employees a supplemental surgery benefit that streamlines the booking process and incorporates cash-payments, which hospitals value.

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