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The most robust and complete outcomes-based surgery scores

Quality at the procedure level

123,465 surgeons and 4,914 hospitals analyzed

Risk-adjusted, apples-to-apples comparison

Simple, actionable metric

Objective, fact-based scores (not subjective reviews)

No more making decisions about procedures in the dark, based on hunches or the reputation of a particular hospital or surgeon. With MPIRICA, it’s easy to discover the hospitals and surgeons that deliver on high-quality outcomes. And that can mean lower overall costs for patient care. It has never been this easy to understand and make decisions based on medical quality outcomes.

MPIRICA Quality Scores are available through Premium subscription or API partners

MPIRICA has developed the most robust and complex surgery scores available, covering 864 procedures,
and having analyzed over 123,465 physicians and 4,914 hospitals nationwide.

You can access surgery quality scores through the following methods:

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