The MPIRICA Quality Score: Overview

Whether you need surgery as a patient, or if you are designing a health plan for an employer group, it can be a challenge to understand the differences between providers in your area. MPIRICA Health wants to make that easier.

The MPIRICA Quality Score

The MPIRICA Quality Score is an intuitive, scientifically valid way to compare the past performance of surgical providers in every region of America.

Informed by reliable data, and backed up with a rigorous methodology, The Quality Score rates surgeons and hospitals by what matters most: their results. It incorporates measures like risk-adjusted complications, mortality and readmission rates over a 90-day period to assign providers a score between 100 and 800 – similar to a credit score.

Go to our home page to see how providers in your area measure up. Any provider scoring above a 600 has historically delivered excellent care.

If you have more questions about how The MPIRICA Quality Score works, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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